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Why We Chose To Live Outside of the U.S.

After having experienced some extensive living in Europe and the USA, my wife and I have concluded that retiring in Southern Spain would be the ideal location for many reasons.

We carefully analyzed all the pluses and cons and concluded that the Costa Del Sol would offer the Mediterranean living we always dreamed of at a fraction of the cost of a comparable living anywhere in the U.S., and with the advantages of the best social life and weather imaginable!

Even the healthcare system is inexpensive and is recognized as one of the best in Europe and the world. Even better yet, there is no need to learn Spanish either as everyone is mostly fluent in English.

We are now in our early 50’s and still live in Colorado for the time being, but we already purchased our dream villa in a private community with low HOA and an ocean view for only $352K.

We are so happy about our bargain house acquisition that the following year, we decided to buy an investment 2 bedroom condo in the resort town of Mijas for the modest price of $150k.

If you ever thought the American retirement dream is unreachable with your budget, we highly encourage you to consider the southern coastal Spain as a fantastic place

to live permanently or even have a second residence.

We can’t wait to make your retirement dream come true as well!

- Victoria and Dominique

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